The Importance of Good Web Design

The Importance of Good Web Design

The Importance of Good Web Design: How Aesthetics Affect Your Business Success


If you've spent time on a website in the last few years, there's a good chance you've encountered some hideous websites. It turns out that good web design is more critical than ever before. Studies show that users judge sites within seconds of arriving. If they don't like what they see or if it takes too long to figure out how to buy from you or contact your company – even if they're interested – they'll leave and never return!

The average user spends only 10 seconds deciding whether to stay or leave a website.

The average user spends only 10 seconds deciding whether to stay or leave a website.

This means the first impression is critical and formed within 10 seconds. It's also important to note that over 1,000 websites compete for your attention at any time. For this reason, you must make an excellent first impression with your web design so potential clients will be compelled to stick around.

The Internet is a crowded place.

The Internet is a crowded place. There are more than 1 billion websites, which continues to grow daily. It's easy to get lost in the noise of all those sites competing for attention, users, and business. If your website isn't good enough to stand out from the crowd or doesn't look presentable when it comes up in Google search results, people won't use it, and you won't see any return on your investment (ROI).

User experience is critical.

User experience is critical. What your users think of your website will make them stay, return, or share it with others. A good user experience involves excellent design and content — quite often, it will take some back-and-forth to get it right. For example, if you have a poorly designed site with loads of broken links and outdated information, there's no way an average user would want to spend time there. But if you have a well-designed site filled with helpful information about products and services that people need — and if those products/services are all easy to find on the page — you'll likely be giving them a good reason to stick around and explore what else your business has to offer.

In short: don't skimp on the quality of your web design!

Bad web design affects your bottom line.

Bad design can lead to a high bounce rate, lower conversion rates, and low customer satisfaction.

You might think that the aesthetics of your website aren't necessary. But the truth is that they are — not just because they affect how much people will like your site. Good web design also involves how quickly users can find what they are looking for on your site (and if they don't find it immediately, whether or not they decide to stay). In addition, good web design impacts whether or not search engines will rank you highly for relevant keywords and searches. This means that if you want to get found by potential customers searching for what you offer online, then having a professional-looking website is essential!

Good web design will help your business succeed.

Good web design can help your business succeed. But what does this mean? Indeed, if you have a quality product and reliable customer service, you will be successful regardless of how beautiful your website looks.

But what if that same quality product and solid customer service were bolstered by a website that is easy to navigate, pleasing to look at, and designed in such a way as to make it easy for people to find just what they're looking for? What if your website was so well-designed that people repeatedly returned because they enjoyed using it?

You'd be surprised how many businesses do not realize the importance of good web design — or don't understand why it matters.

People judge websites within seconds, and good visual design benefits your business.

It's no secret that people are visual creatures. We judge things by appearance and make decisions based on our first impressions. This is especially true with the Internet because of how many websites there are to choose from and how much time it takes to decide which one we like best.

Your website design has much more influence over whether someone will stay or leave your site than you might think! A study by Google found that 69% of users said their first impression of a business was based on its homepage design (other factors included the company's social media presence).

What does this mean for your site? It means that if you want people to stay on your site long enough to visit other pages or contact you with questions or comments, then having an attractive layout will help keep them engaged in what they're doing. It also means that if they don't like what they see when they arrive at the top level (your homepage), chances are good that they won't even bother exploring further into the rest of the site!


When it comes to your website, these are essential considerations. Good design is more than just a nice-looking website — it can help you stay competitive in an increasingly crowded marketplace. And remember: one of the best ways to stand out from your competitors is through robust visual design that appeals to users and focuses on their needs.